Saturday, June 23, 2018

Money (Age 4-5)

Exercise 1: I gave Benny a dollar every time he completed his daily time for the Upstart program.  I gave him a pouch to keep the money.  I hand him the money and let him put it in the pouch.

Results: Pretty good.  He didn't care about the money much except as some generic reward.

Exercise 2: I take Benny to a store and let him pick a toy.  I tell him when he does or doesn't have enough money for each toy.  I have him hand the money to the cashier.  I also explain a couple times that it's not his toy yet until he pays for it and that he trades the money for the toy.

Results: Pretty good. When we went to the store the first time, he asked me how many dollars does each toy cost.  He probably asked about the price of 100 toys that first time.  He seems to get the concept of buying things.  The first time I explained that the toy wasn't his until he gave her the money (our cashier was female).  The next time, he asked if he can open it yet or if its "hers".

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