Saturday, July 7, 2018

Subtraction (age 5)

Exercise 1: I put 3 peanuts in my hand and then asked him "what's 3..." (eat a peanut) "... minus 1"? I repeated with different numbers.  (Repeated with Chex)

Results: Benny was amused by me eating peanuts and looked saying how many were left. 

Exercise 2:  "What's 4 minus 2?" "How do you minus two peanuts?"

Results: So-so. When I tried to ask him "what's 4 minus 2?" He seemed upset that he doesn't know what to do. When I asked him if he can"minus two peanuts", he seemed uninterested, possibly because he was already frustrated. I backed off. Another day, I tried again along him if he can "minus 1 peanut". He ate a peanut and then when I asked him "what is 3 minus 1", he told me how many peanuts were left. Then he ate the two left. I asked him "what's 2 minus 2?" And he explained enthusiastically "ZERO!"

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