Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bar Chart and Pictogram (age 5)

Exercise 1 (age 5):  I presented Benny with a pictogram.  The X axis had a picture of him, his mama, and myself.  the Y axis had numbers.  And the pictures were cookies (something Benny cares about).  I asked him how many cookies each person had.  I asked who had the most cookies.  Then I traced the number of cookies to the numbers on the Y axis.

Results: Great.  He got the idea.

Exercise 2 (age 5):  I presented Benny with a bar chart similar to the histogram, and with the same numbers and asked him similar questions.  Later, I added to the bars and asked him similar questions.

Results:  He needed a little more help than with the pictogram.  However, he learned to trace over to the left to figure out how many cookies each person had.  By the time I added more size to the bars, he knew how to answer the questions correctly with the new amounts.

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